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At the mill of Molanoce , in large rooms once used as stables and duly restored ,there is the headquarter of the Umbria Gourmet Association.
The association , non-profit organization , with the help of some members and staff manages on-site the following activities and initiatives:

Free guided tours at the two grinding ( wheat and barley ), which are made using the millstones and with the use of the force of the water ;

Free processing of ad hoc proposals for programs of permanence and gastronomic itineraries entitled " Umbria and the Culture of the Territory";
Guided tours of the grinding and exhibitions with samples of truffle specialties , typical products and wines DOC Umbria for groups not numerous, the cost varies depending on the type of samples : info 0758856468 -;

"Umbria : the flavours and knowledge of its green Nature "

Course of traditional Umbrian cuisine exclusively with the use of different species of truffles that are produced by the Umbrian territory;

Practical course in teaching the purchase , use and maintenance of various species of edible truffles in Italy;
Practical course recognition , collection and utilization , according to ancient traditional Umbrian cuisine for edible wild herbs , fruits of the forest and of the undergrowth;

The courses , lasting 3 days are for a maximum number of eight / ten people and follow the criteria of the seasonality of products , if possible, might be used the flats of B & B of the mill Molanoce with a formula Convention (maximum capacity of 6 beds) - Info : Remo Rossi 0758856468 -

Molanoce , the surrounding environment and its owners have special aptitude for welcoming practitioners of holistic disciplines ; are hosted courses, conferences and sessions of yoga, meditation , Ayurvedic cooking courses ...